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Full Automatic 45T Aluminium Foil Container Production Line (The production line includes the following equipments: Feeding Machine with Lubricated Oil System + 45T Press Machine + Auto-Stacker + Scrap Collector Features: The machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) as the controlling system, it’s reliable. The feeding length, producing speed and other parameter are easily set, this Integration of Gas& Electrical centralized control, automated production. The feeding is controlled by stepper system; the feeding length is accurate And can be adjusted freely from 20m to 999m. The accurate press adopts steel plates joining body, variable frequency speed Regulation, dry type friction clutch-on-off, rigid over-load protector to protect the press. In Short, this is a high accuracy and reliability press 1、自动涂油送料机参数Feeding Machine With Lubricated Oil System: 1) 材料最大直径/Max. material roll diameter: ¢800mm 2) 材料最大宽度/Max. material roll width: 700mm 3) 送料速度/Feeding speed:20-50M/min 4) 送料长度/Feeding length: 30-999mm 5) 送料精度/Feeding tolerance: +/-0.3mm 6) 整机功率/Capacity: 1Kw 7) 工作电压/Voltage: 380V/220V 8) 净重/Net weight:800kg 9) 外型尺寸(长*宽*高)/Dimension: 1270x1250x800mm (L*W*H) 10)MachinePower16hp/12kw 2、45T高性能冲床参数45T High Accuracy Pneumatic Press Machine: 1) 公称压力/Pressure: 450KN 2) 机身工作台孔尺寸/Body work plate hole dimension: 300*300mm 3) 行程次数/Stroke time: 60-100times/min(3600—6000pcs/hour for one cavity mould) 4) 行程高度/Stroke height: 180mm 5) 工作台板厚度/Work plate thickness: 50mm、100mm 6) 最大装模高度/Max. die Installation height: 390mm 7) 滑块底面尺寸/Dimension of slide block bottom, size of handle hole:320*145mm, ¢18 8) 滑块中心至机身距离/The distance from the center of slice to the body: 340mm 9) 装模高度调节量/The height adjustment for die: 80mm 10) 模柄孔尺寸/Die handle hole dimension: ¢50*60mm 11) 工作台尺寸/Work plate dimension: 750*1000 mm 12) 外形尺寸(长*宽*高)/Dimension: 1915*1280*2500mm (L*W*H) 13) 电机功率/Motor capacity:5.5KW 14) 净重/Net weight: 4800kg 15) 工作电压/Voltage:3-380v 50Hz 4 线制/4wires 3、 配件Accessories: 1) 油压式过载保护装置/Flowing tubing head pressure type over-load protection 2)手动式滑块调节装置/Manual0like slide adjuster 3)机械式模高指示器/Mechanical mould high display 4)滑块及模具平衡装置/Slide and mould balancing unit 5)旋转凸轮开关/Revolving cam-operated switch 6)曲轴角度指示器/Crank angle display 7)计数器/Counter 8)空气源接头/Air source attachment 9)二度落保障装置/Two degrees guarantee bond the installment 10)维修工具及工具箱/Service aid and toolbox 4、磨具Mould: The mould price depends on your container sizes.